15+ Breezeways that will inspire you

15+ Breezeways that will inspire you

15+ Breezeways that will inspire you

You’re fortunate enough to live in a home that has a breezeway. If so, you already know how wonderful this feature is. But if you don’t know how to style it, don’t worry! You can make your breezeways look great with plants and seating. Breezeways look great when they are kept simple, allowing architectural elements like stylized windows and wood beams to shine through. You can find inspiration in the 16 breezeways below, no matter whether your home is on the coast, a city structure, or something completely different.

What is a Breezeway?

A breezeway is an open space that allows easy access to one area of the house from another. It is usually protected from the elements. Some breezeways can be enclosed to serve as mudrooms, or sitting rooms. Breezeways can enhance the architecture of a house and serve as important interior and exterior focal points.

Clean Contrast

The white framing on this breezeway is by Cathy Purple Cherry and provides a stark contrast to the stone structure. The breezeway’s glass windows at either end offer a spectacular view of the distant mountain scene.

Form and function

This enclosed breezeway is designed by Colleen Simonds and features exposed beams. This architectural feature looks great with a shiplap ceiling. You can also use your breezeway as a mudroom if you need extra storage space. This allows the entire family to prepare for and unpack their day. The area is not too stark because of the white background and the view from the wall.

Farmhouse Features

House of Jade’s enclosed breezeway features many farmhouse-style elements such as shiplap walls, wooden benches and hooks for hanging hats after a long day outside. The space features a metal pendant lamp that combines industrial and farmhouse styles.

Bookish Beauty

Are you overwhelmed by the number of books that you have to display in your living room? You can create a display in your breezeway! The enclosed breezeway designed by Hoedemaker PFeiffer has a beautiful library inside. The bookshelves are practical and offer storage possibilities. They are also a great addition to any home. Doors allow the space to be enjoyed in any weather condition and encourage guests to read outside.

Elegant Entry

Grand Tradition Homes has designed this breezeway with two barn doors. It is kept simple inside. The perfect finishing touch to this breezeway is the addition of potted trees outside. It welcomes visitors in style.

Sweet Seating

This enclosed breezeway was designed by Paul Geary and styled in Lynn Nesmith’s design. It features a comfortable seating area inside that is perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or a nightcap. The console table can be used as a bar cart, but it looks equally beautiful when decorated with plants and other decorative accents.

Best of Both Worlds

The tropical breezeway designed by Choeff L. Fischman combines indoors with outdoors. This unique design features beautiful stones and beachy elements that submerge in water pools. The island feel can be enjoyed year-round by palm trees. Fake plants can look as beautiful even if they aren’t real.

Stunning Stone

An enclosed breezeway, such as this one designed by Tracy Morris and Barnes Vanze Architects, can bring cottage style to your home. Stone walls add a timeless touch to the space and bring texture and color. They don’t require any additional decoration. Sometimes simplicity is the best option.

The Bolder, the Better

You might be a fan of color, so why not decorate your enclosed breezeway with vibrant wallpaper, as Kelley Proxmire did here? You’ll feel happy every time you walk through the space, so choose a cheerful pattern that you love. You can set your belongings down and then get cozy with a round table and seating area.

Amazing Arch

The classic Hendricks Churchill breezeway is flanked with beautiful flower pots that can be updated seasonalally with new plants. The curving ceiling adds architectural interest to the home and acts as a focal point, countering its angularity.

Majorly Modified

This Austin, Texas, residence features a wooden-clad ceiling to protect it from the sun. The breezeway is part of a modern home and has a simple design that pays homage to industrial style.

Pretty Pathway

This contemporary, sunlit home by Mojo Stummer features a breezeway that connects to a small living area. It is furnished with lots of seating and a kitchenette, as well as a TV, making it the perfect spot to relax or pass through.

So Serene

Brandon Architects’ breezeway creates a serene, natural entrance to the indoors. This stately home is complemented by colorful murals of greenery, which add an artistic touch.

To The Ocean

This breezeway designed by Brandon Architects offers a panoramic view of the oceanfront beyond. It features a stone wall to ground the space and add texture and warmth.

There are many sources of light

Brandon Architects created this dynamic space that combines light and shadow. Given the nature of the display, which is constantly changing and movable, there is little need for additional decor.

Sunny Days

Brandon Architects’ sun-filled walkway is lit by light. The floor’s rectangular shape and the windows unify the open and clean space, while greenery softens metal, stone, or wood.

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