Before and after: Mudroom Chaos Controlled

Before and after: Mudroom Chaos Controlled

Before and after: Mudroom Chaos Controlled

Kitchen Floor Catchall: Before

Mudrooms can serve two purposes: they trap waste and disorder, but also provide a beautiful face for incoming traffic. Mudrooms are often referred to as containment areas by some households. Liz McBride says that the kitchen floor used to be their catchall. She is referring to the clothes, shoes, backpacks and footballs her sons love to throw out as soon as they enter the house. You can see the dangers of their Fort Mill home when you add Mike, Mike’s outdoorsy husband and Maddie, their family’s passion for hiking trails paved with South Carolina clay.

Shown: The backdoor leads into the kitchen. There flotsam can be seen on the floor as well as a catchall desk.

Chaos Controlled: After

Mary Ludemann provided design and build assistance, and the couple built a mudroom that featured tough finishes, storage areas, and a sink. Liz jokes that the couple doesn’t use the basin to clean the mud off the dog bowl. Ludemann says tall wainscoting, baseboards and baseboards are good for preventing “dog dishes” and children who kick off their shoes. Liz says, “Our neighbors and friends don’t bother with our front door – they come straight to our beautiful new back entry.”

Shown: The light-reflecting glass ceiling and lots of glass give the new space its airy feel.

Paint: Sherwin Williams Bracing Blue (walls), and Extra White (trim).

Mudroom sink

The “slop-sink” can be used to water plants and hold iced wines during parties.

Blackboard Scheduler

A 7 1/2-by-5-foot custom magnetic blackboard is trimmed to match your door. It serves as reminders and makes it difficult to forget.

Paint: Krylon Chalkboard paint in Black with Krylon Magnetic Primer

Tip for Homeowners: “We chose square-cut baseboards because they have a clean appearance that balances the more traditional crown molding.”

Shoe Storage

Mary Ludemann, designer, likes to give her children 18-30 inches of horizontal storage space. This is enough to store three pairs of shoes.

Looks Like Slate

Porcelain tiles look like slate but are easy to maintain. The grout is colored.

It is sealed to protect from dirt and keep it out.

Floor Plans: Before

The kitchen desk near the back door doubled up as a landing area for shoes or backpacks.

Floor Plans: After

A storage-packed built in and a commercial sink draw foot traffic to the 135-square-foot mudroom.

1. A new addition was added to the kitchen, which will house a mudroom and a new porch.

2. The windowed wall was kept intact and the exterior door was removed.

3. A cased opening was created between the kitchen & the mudroom.

4. The back door was relocated and a transom added. It opens to the porch.

5. A built-in was added with hooks and cubbies.

7. Install a coat closet that has shelves.

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