From a walk-in closet to a spa-like laundry room

From a walk-in closet to a spa-like laundry room

From a walk-in closet to a spa-like laundry room

Laundry often requires a detour into a dark corner of your house. What if the laundry room could be an open, airy place? Diane Petersen and Aubrey Payne transformed a closet in their guest room into a laundry area during a renovation of their Redondo Beach house. Sarah Barnard, interior designer, designed the space that is now sunny. It has a whirlpool for delicates, an ironing board and counter space to fold towels and arrange flowers.

There’s also storage space for holiday gear and a rolling library ladder for high shelves. Barnard’s design allows Barnard and her husband to work independently without getting in the way of their cats or blocking their path to the litter box.

The light-reflecting, lavender-and-white space is a favorite spot thanks to its wisteria-theme backsplash and hardwood flooring. Diane says that it’s so relaxing to spend time there, whether they’re wrapping presents, pairing socks or simply stopping to look out of their new window.

The room is functional and inviting with its to-the-ceiling cabinets, which can be accessed via a rolling ladder, quartzite counters and a drip bar.

Before: A Cluttered Closet

The main-floor space was a guest-room-closet-cum-overflow zone.

Key Details: Suped-Up Sink

The sink is spa-like and has whirlpool jets that gently move delicates.

Key Details: Curtains for Kitty

The litter box for the couple’s cats is hidden behind a curtained cabinet. A tension rod was installed inside the cabinet and the door panel was removed.

Key Details: Agile Accessibility

The library ladder is painted to match the backsplash and moves around two walls. It’s angled to access counters and appliances.

Key Details: Hidden Convenience

The wired cupboard can be used to store a fold-down ironing board.

Splash of Color: Key details

The room will have a unique look thanks to a glass-tile backsplash.

Before: Wasted Space

The guest closet, measuring 96 square feet, held clutter and wardrobe excesses.

After: New Functionality

The majority of the old closet was converted into a laundry area as part of a complete house redecoration.

1. For laundry and holiday gear, we added a 12-foot counter to the washer/dryer.

2. Additional gift-wrap storage is available away from the laundry area.

3. Install a drip bar, sink and drain to wash and dry delicates.

4. To bring in light, I added a window to the sink.

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