How to install a gas clothes dryer

How to install a gas clothes dryer

How to install a gas clothes dryer


  1. Gas work can be dangerous so it is best to leave this job to licensed professionals.
  2. First, turn off the gas at your meter with a wrench. Next, shut off the gas at the closest gas shutoff downstream of the area where you will be doing the new gas work.
  3. Connect a number of gas pipes, fittings, and nipples from the source to the approximate location of your dryer. All connections between pipes and fittings should be secured with pipe glue and then tightened with the wrenches.
  4. To clean out any sediment buildup, place a drip cap at the bottom of your dryer’s gaswork.
  5. Use the wrenches to connect the flexible gas line to end of new gas pipes, and then to dryer gas fitting using the wrenches.
  6. Use a drill attachment with a hole saw attachment to drill a hole through the exterior wall, where the dryer will vent.
  7. Attach the dryer vent cover to the dryer vent. Secure the clamp using a screwdriver.
  8. Install the dryer vent in the wall, and then attach the dryer vent cover on the exterior wall.
  9. Attach the dryer vent to your dryer by using a clamp or a screwdriver.
  10. Turn the gas back on and plug in the dryer.
  11. Use a leak detector to test all new gas works for leaks.
  12. After you have confirmed that the gas work has been sealed properly, attach the pipes to the walls with screws and gas tubing hangers.


Richard suggests that gas dryers be installed if there is not enough electrical service. Gas can pose a danger to your health so only a licensed professional should handle this type of work.

Richard installed a 120V gas vented dryer manufactured by GE Appliances. The Home Depot also stocks the fittings, fittings and pipe dope he used to complete this installation.

The Home Depot has Gas Dryers

Shopping List

Gas pipesGas pipe fittingsGas needlesPipe dopeDryer VentDryer vent coverFlexible gas connectorGas leak detectorGas tubing hanger

Tools & Materials

  • Pipe wrench

  • Cordless drill/driver

  • Carbide-tipped saw – 1 1/4 inches


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