How to make a concrete umbrella stand

How to make a concrete umbrella stand

How to make a concrete umbrella stand

Tools & Materials

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Circular saw
  • Drill/driver
  • Wire brush wheel
  • hot glue gun
  • Paint brush

This stand is filled with umbrellas and keeps the entrance clutter-free. Concrete is a great outdoor material, but it can also look cold. This umbrella stand was created using distressed wood. We then gave it a greenish-blue finish to soften its appearance.

What could be better? You have the opportunity to use any scraps that you have, along with a few trips to your local home center, to create a project of your choice.

It’s the #DIYDARE. Take a look at our examples for inspiration. Next, snap a photo of your project, and then tag it #DIYdare on any social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. (HASH)Tag, you’re it.

Step 1

Add a Dye

Ivy, 12, began rolling her sleeves as soon as Bob, her dad, explained that concrete was being made.

Bob knew that concrete could be embossed because he had previously worked with it. He said, “If we make a form out of distressed plywood, it will give concrete shape and imprint grain.” Ivy was happy with this, but wanted to know the details. Bob said, “Leave that to me,” and he began to search for a circular saw.

Bob cut the plywood strips for the sides. Ivy cleaned the grain with a wirebrush before joining the pieces to make the form. Ivy mixed a batch of concrete and used it to fill the walls of her form. After the concrete had cured, they used a concrete dye to color it.

“Who knew concrete could be as clay-like?” Ivy agreed. “Who knew that I could fool you into making an umbrella stand for us to clean up our front hall?” Bob replied, with a grin.

Step 2

Do not stress the plywood

To make the sides of your form, cut the plywood boards. Use a drill/driver with a wire brush to distress the wood.

Step 3

Spray the parts

Spray some cooking spray on the sides and bottom to ensure that the form is released after it has cured.

Step 4

Create the Form

To join the four sides together, use a strip of wood at the corners.

Step 5

Attach the Form to the Base

To join the top of the form to the bottom, add a bit of hot glue.

Step 6

Concrete – Pack it in

Mix the concrete until it is clay-like in consistency. Pack it on the bottom and along the sides.

Step 7

Let it Cure

You can cover the form with plastic to ensure concrete cures properly and increases its strength.

Step 8

Add a Dye

After concrete has cured, apply a color coat with dye.

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