How to replace or remodel your garage doors


Garages that face the street, especially if they are large and multi-car garages, can take up much of your visual space. You can improve the curb appeal of your home by replacing garage doors that are not in good condition, do not match your home’s style or are simply uninspired. These are the essential facts to know about garage doors: style, cost, and more.

Garage doors can be updated to improve curb appeal and, in the case attached garages., increase security.

This project is best done outdoors, so it’s ideal to replace garage doors in warm, dry weather. However, weather doesn’t matter if you are painting or installing an elaborate custom feature, such as a pergola. Your pro should be able complete the job in just a few hours, as long as it isn’t freezing and there’s no storm.

Who to hire: Garage door installation is best left to professionals due to the precision required. The most skilled garage door installers will have the best experience.

Permit required? Maybe. It is an exterior wall so some cities require permits to replace garage doors and openers. A professional you hire should be capable of telling you if you need a permit. If you’re still unsure, you can contact your county or city government agency to ask.

  • Wood is the best material for design and can be used in any climate. However, it is also the most expensive.
  • Although steel is generally less expensive than wood in comparison, it should not be used near the coast because of its potential for rust.
  • Aluminum is a more expensive option than steel, but it doesn’t rust. This makes it an attractive choice for coastal homes.
  • Tempered glass with an aluminum or wooden frame is well-suited for modern and contemporary houses.
  • Vinyl and fiberglass are affordable options that won’t rust. However, design options may be limited. They can also crack in cold temperatures.
  • Sectional: This is the most common garage door type; it rolls up and down on tracks.
  • Sliding: Barn-style garage door (shown here) open on the sides, so a larger garage wall is required to hold the door open.
  • Swing-out. Double doors that open outwardly when closed are not recommended for cold climates. Snow drifts may block doors from opening.

These door types are available in manual and remote-operated versions.

Average project length: If you purchase a standard-sized garage door, and it is in stock it can be ready the next day. It may take up to a month for custom doors to arrive. A pro can install your new door in one day after you receive it.

Prices: Garage doors made of steel can be purchased for $300-$3,000. Glass with an aluminum frame is $1,500-$3,000. Vinyl costs $600; vinyl is $600; fiberglass is $1,500. The most expensive doors are wood doors, which can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. The cost of installation varies by location. You can expect to spend $100-200 to remove your garage door and $100-500 to have it installed by a professional. Pergolas over garage doors can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 when installed.

A smaller update can be done by replacing sconces with new ones that cost $100 each plus installation. New hardware, on the other hand, will run you $5 to $100 per piece depending on what materials are used. You can paint or stain your home for a fraction of the price.

Styles and details: Match your garage door with the style of your home. Look for one that matches the architectural features, colors, and materials of your home. Take this example:

  • A traditional home can be paired with an arched garage door and paned windows.
  • A wooden garage door with iron hinges will update your Spanish colonial.
  • A rustic barn-style garage door can be added to your farmhouse.
  • A wooden garage door will add charm to a Craftsman-style home, complete with trim and rectilinear windows.
  • A sleek, glass-paned garage door will match any modern home.

After you’ve chosen the garage doors that you like, think about what accents will best complement it. The garage’s style is enhanced by decorative corbels under the eaves.

A pergola with arched brackets is a good alternative if your garage roof doesn’t have enough eaves to accommodate corbels.

Hardware and sconces are two other finishing touches that can make an impact. You don’t have to replace your garage doors. Just add attractive sconces and new hardware, along with a fresh coat or stain.

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  • A new shoe rack can be added to your garage storage
  • For assistance with an installation, contact a garage door professional.

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