Storage Tips for your Mudroom


An mudroom is a small space or part of a secondary entry where shoes, jackets and clothes can be removed before entering the house.

The mudroom is now a multipurpose, practical space that can be used to store sports equipment, seasonal gear, as well as everyday items. A well-organized mudroom will help you keep your home clean and clutter-free, regardless of whether it is a small space or a separate room.

Mudroom Storage Ideas

These ideas can help you organize and store your mudroom.

Keeping Your Mudroom Tidy With Easy Storage Ideas
Keeping Your Mudroom Tidy With Easy Storage Ideas


Shoe storage can be a hassle. However, a well-designed and organized mudroom can help. It is important to determine the type of shoes that you will be using regularly in your mudroom. A person living in California may have different needs than someone who lives in Maine.

Consider adding a boot tray to your mudroom if you are subject to inclement weather. These are great for keeping soiled shoes in one place, rather than spreading them all over the floor.

Popular Mudroom Ideas For Extra Storage
Popular Mudroom Ideas For Extra Storage

What are the pros and cons to shoe storage solutions?

  • Individual baskets: These are great for hiding multiple pairs of shoes. Each basket should have a name on the front so that everyone can identify which one is theirs. Baskets can fill up quickly.
  • For everyone: Large Catch-All Tote/Bag for shoes and sports gear. This is a great option, as it can hold items of different sizes. The con? It is harder to find things that have reached the bottom.
  • Individual Built-in Cubbies – Each pair of shoes has its own spot – a great option to organize families. The downside? The disadvantage?

Coats and bags

Hangers for closets can be saved and replaced with hooks for bags and coats. Each member of the family should have their own hook, including the dog so that you can find them quickly.

This system has the advantage that outerwear can be clearly seen and everyone knows where it goes. Clear out any items that don’t get used often, such as a ski jacket that hasn’t moved since January.

A hook’s load-bearing nature makes it the ideal choice for organizing bags and coats in a small space.

Umbrella Storage

Proper umbrella storage is essential if you live in an area that is susceptible to rain. It’s not only important for finding the umbrella you need, but also to keep the water from getting into your umbrella when it gets wet. You don’t have to store your umbrellas in fancy containers. Buckets are fine.

Avoid hanging umbrellas wet on hooks, as they could drip onto other objects. Also, avoid storage bins that are susceptible to mold or mildew. Umbrellas can be stored in metal, rubber, or plastic.

Bench Storage

Are you looking for somewhere to put a bench in your mudroom or garage? You can sit down and change your shoes. A bench also doubles as a place to rest your bags and packages while you’re on your way out or in.

Consider a bench with storage underneath if space is limited. It can be hidden under a hinged chair (great for bulk items such as paper towels), or under the seat in the form shelves, drawers, or cubbies.


The laundry room can be used as a mudroom if dirty clothes are often brought into the house. Hanging retractable drying racks on the wall will maximize space and save valuable floor space.

To keep laundry products separated from the rest of your room, install shelves above the dryer and washer. A basket or another attractive hamper can be used to store soiled clothes. They can then be easily tossed in the washer.

Built-In Mudrooms

You can maximize your mudroom’s storage by adding as many built-in elements as you like. Your mudroom can be your main work space. It can house everything from shelves and cubbies, to drawers and cabinets. Think about the use of your mudroom when designing it. Consider how other spaces in the house can meet your needs.

Consider your personal preferences. Would you prefer to see your items, or keep them behind cabinets doors or in baskets? Perhaps shoe cabinets that open up slide better than baskets or cubbies. This multipurpose space can be tailored to your needs and those of your family.

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