The Perfect Mudroom

The Perfect Mudroom

The Perfect Mudroom

A small shower stall can be a great way to make your life easier, whether you live in a wet climate with kids and dogs muddying the streets, or at the beach. You can easily clean your feet and boots in a basin on the ground floor. Keep a stack of towels nearby for drying, and keep boot trays nearby to store wet shoes while it dries.

Potting Sink

A wall-mounted faucet and a shallow sink will keep the mess from indoor potting and watering in a mudroom for green thumbs. To handle large pots or buckets, a restaurant-style pot washer could be installed. You can store containers, fertilizers and gardening tools in the cabinet below the sink, or on the shelves above.

Sport lockers

Hockey, tennis, basketball and tennis–children’s athletic commitments can take over their bedrooms and garages. This can be stopped by designing mudroom lockers to store uniforms and equipment. Today’s game kit is now available on pegs in individual cubbies.

Laundry Chute

This house doesn’t allow soiled socks or soccer uniforms to pass: They go straight from their dirty bodies into the laundry chute. This convenience was designed by Healy Rice, a Chicago architect. It is within easy reach of the storage lockers for the children.

Trash/Recycling Center

Glass, plastic, and paper – what home doesn’t require a way to efficiently deal with garbage or recycling? Pamela Vazquez, a Minneapolis intern architect, designed a recycling area for one client’s basement. It included a trash compactor as well as sorting bins. The 4-foot by 2-foot built-in is finished with wainscoted doors and a concrete countertop top. This area can also be used to sort junk mail from the day’s post delivery.

Litter-box Hideaway

At This Old House’s Manchester project house, Massachusetts architect Stephen Holt devised an ingenious solution to the where-to-put-the-litter-box question. A bank of custom-base cabinets was designed by Holt in the mudroom. They store cat’s food bags on a pull-out shelf, and provide access to the litter box through a cut-in wall.

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